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Banana Whispers

German Style Hefeweizen: Banana/clove flavors and aromas from Hefeweizen yeast as well as soft body and mouthfeel. 

Golden Ale

Bright Morning

British Style Golden Ale: Bright herbal tea, light toast and biscuit. This is a gluten reduced beer!

India Pale Ale

Bine Cutter

New England Style IPA: Bright citrus juice and pith, light bread and toast.

robust porter

Dark Oast

Dark Oast Porter: bakers chocolate, toffee, caramel, toasted bread, and light herbal spice.


OK, Great!

Rye IPA: rye spice in tandem with big herbal citrus character. Firm finishing bitterness.

Double IPA


New England Style Double IPA: Fresh orange peel, herbal citrus rind, fruit juice. Soft mouthfeel, light sweet malt.

West Coast Pale Ale

Spring Mending

West Coast Pale Ale: Balanced but mellow citrus character, slightly malty mouthfeel, firm bitterness on the finish.

Hazy Golden Ale

The North Barn

Hazy Golden Ale: light fruity/juicy citrus hops, bright herbal finish with little to no bitterness.

Traditional Lager

The Northfielder

Pilsner-style Lager: Crisp, bright noble herbal spice, light balanced bready malt.

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