Bright Morning

British Style Golden Ale


Bright herbal tea, light toast and biscuit. This is a gluten reduced beer!

ABV: 4%

Malt: Simpson Extra Light Pale Ale, Simpsons Light Crystal, Four Star Farms Malted Rye

Hops: Four Star Farms Teamaker

Yeast: Omega British Ale

Bright Morning is brewed in homage to the great heritage of the British brewing tradition.

Designed to be similar to the classic British style “Ordinary Bitter.” When it comes to British beer styles brewed this side of the pond, the sky’s the limit on interpretations. Since Ordinary Bitters, Premium Bitters, and Pale Ale are synonymous in English beer, we designed this to be true to style. Featuring British light pale malt, British light crystal malt, and onsite grown rye malt, this beer features a soft balanced palate with the smooth drinkability of classic pub beers. The light rye spice brings out a balanced and layered malt spice to pair with the characteristics of the Four Star Farms grown Teamaker hops. Teamaker is a relatively new hop variety designed to be high in beta acids but very low in alpha acids, allowing it to impart an exclusively aromatic quality to beers. Described as a floral aroma, we are pairing this unique hop with one of Omega Yeast Labs British Ale yeasts, balancing a defined malt backbone with fruity esters and floral hops. We also use the yeast for Bright Morning in our IPAs (Binecutter and Solstice).

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