Apr 25 2024


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

GAME NIGHT: Magic The Gathering

🌟 Join us for an enchanting evening at The Brewery at Four Star Farms’ FIRST EVER Magic: The Gathering Game Night! 🌟
📅 Date: Thursday, April 25th
🕕 Time: 6-9pm
🔮 Dive into the mystical world of Magic: The Gathering with our specially crafted Four Star Brewery Battle-Box Rules! Here’s what you can expect:
1) The decks supplied for play are loosely based on the battle-box format to be played by 2 players.
2) Each deck contains a common land base placed in the middle of the table FACE-UP. Each turn each player may draw one FACE-UP land card per turn.
3) Each deck contains a common card pool placed face down, Each player may draw one card per turn from the FACE-DOWN deck. At the beginning of the game each player draws 4 cards from this pool to populate their starting hand.
4) Each player starts with 20 life
5) Basic MTG rules of card play, rules changes, combat, power/toughness, etc. apply
6) In general the last player with life remaining wins the game
7) Above all have fun. We are all here to enjoy a game together.
Experience the thrill of Magic: The Gathering with basic MTG rules in play. Combat, power/toughness, and more await you!
Who will emerge victorious? The last player standing with life remaining takes the crown!
These decks are designed for quick, 1 vs 1 games at our brewery tables. No sleeves required, just your enthusiasm for MTG! ✨
Got questions or suggestions? Reach out to your friendly host at events@fourstarbeer.com!
Let’s make this night magical together. See you there! ✨🃏
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