Feb 17 2024


5:00 am - 8:00 pm


Eli Elkus is a Musical Storyteller, SongCraftsman, and Folk Activist. He began sculpting his craft as a young troubadour fishin’ for songs by the riversides and busking in the streets of New England. It was here the love of folk music and storytelling found him, connecting with perfect strangers through meter, melody, and merit-making story and song. Music for the people, by the people. No frills and no red tape. The sorta thing that just don’t fit in a box.
And so it goes. The ramblin’ folk singer plays and tells for multigenerational audiences across the USA and beyond, freewheelin’ in his road sweet home ‘JeBus’ with his trusty hound Bronco. His performances draw upon a vast repertoire of original songs and stories from his travels and rekindlings of Americana, Folk & Blues songs dating back to the early 1900s. Recent works have been in cahoots with his partner in life and songcrafting (pirate journalist storyteller and sacred dancer) Lara Wahl, including their first album together, Postcards From Heaven.
When they’re not on the road, they spend their time growin’ gardens and lazy-eyed dreamin’ a slow movin’ dream at their sanctuary in the hills of Western Massachusetts… Just beyond the veil…
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