Dec 16 2023


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

LIVE MUSIC: Poor Monroe

What would a party be without great music?
We are very excited to be able to host Poor Monroe for our 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, December 16th
2x New England Music Award nominee, Poor Monroe has enjoyed tremendous success with performances at the Green River Festival, Podunk Bluegrass Festival, Ossipee Valley Music Festival, Basin Bluegrass Festival, and Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival. They also performed at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival as an official 2023 Emerging Artist. That’s no small feat, considering the band was formed in the spring of 2021
Drawing from distinct musical paths, this energetic group of seasoned players bring a unique approach to their performances, delivering unmistakably tight vocal harmonies and scorching tempos that form the benchmark of the genre. Featuring songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eric Lee, guitarist Sean Davis, bassist Gareth Buckley, banjoist Chris Boucher, and mandolinist John Benjamin, Poor Monroe is a collaboration of long-time friends whose dedication and expertly-honed performances catch the attention of every audience.
Performing original and traditional material with a deep sense of honoring the legacy of bluegrass music, this group of fiscally-bereft but spirit-full individuals shows how a love of music and good sense of humor can transcend trying times
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