Oct 29 2023


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Messages from Spirit – The Mediums

Messages from Spirit
~The Mediums~
Karen Tatro & Pauline Monteiro
Sunday Oct 29th
$65 pp
Tickets: https://www.karentatro.com/store/p731/Oct_29th_Messages_From_Spirit_The_Brewery_at_Four_Star_Farm.html?fbclid=IwAR2HRXWQ7Kg9JA1DluSV7klS6qqJQznUehc1VlQTaWEP1hWQMUdVuDoL8S4
What is a Spirit gallery?
“A gallery reading is an intimate two hour gathering where Karen and Pauline will bring to you messages.
from the spirit world to individual participants. These messages facilitate an amazing amount of
healing, clarity, peace and proof of existence after death. Even though not everyone may get a message,
the group positively benefits from the messages.”
Meet the Mediums
Karen Tatro Spirit Medium
Karen Tatro, a Certified Spirit Medium Karen Tatro lives in NH with her husband Steve and children, Nicole and Garrett. From the time she was a small child, Karen has had a deep connection with the spirit world. She could see, hear and feel the presence of spirits and knew that, beyond her intellect; the Divine Spirit world existed and was all around. Growing up as a sensitive, she often describes her life as having, “one foot on Earth and one in the Clouds”. Karen embraces and shares her abilities with people for the purpose of inspiration, wisdom, education, and healing. Tatro’s credentials and abilities in the paranormal field have led her to appear on two national TV shows dealing with paranormal content: Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters TAPS, and The Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story. WMUR Channel 9 news recently interviewed and filmed Karen while she and her partner investigated the Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford, NH in 2014.
She has also been featured on several New Hampshire radio stations, including WOKQ 95.7 where she was interviewed regarding her involvement with the famously “caught on video” ghost at the small Gilford store.
Karen Tatro is also a published author of a children’s book, “I’m A Super Hero ~ I’m Not Afraid of Ghosts!” It is a wonderful book for families who have children of all ages that are sensitive and afraid of their bedrooms at night; afraid of ghosts and things they might sense but cannot see or quite understand.
She is also an author of 2 books in her Spirit Adventures series; A memoir about her life as a Medium in the Paranormal field, where she chronicles her experiences and private cases.
She is a paranormal & Spiritual Event Host for the general public, which allows them to explore these amazing locations and their own intuitive abilities and interests in the paranormal field. She also travels throughout the NH, and Southern MA holding private mediumship galleries in private homes for a small gathering of guests.

Pauline Monteiro
Pauline has dedicated her life helping people through communicating and delivering messages of hope, love and compassion from loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. She connects with the divine higher realms to provide insight, peace, and information. Pauline is driven to work with others so that they may experience transformative love in their own lives and lead a more loving, joyful and purpose filled spiritual life facing the challenges that may lie ahead of them.

“”Our loved ones are always leaving us signs,” emphasizes Pauline. Souls are connected to us by love. They like to stay involved and keep tabs on us. You can be certain that they are present on special days, birthdays and holidays – especially when everyone gathers. They also try to console you and let you know that they are okay when they depart.
As for tickets, I will have your name on a guest list of attending. I would also suggest bringing your PayPal receipt with you.
Event Ticket Policy
Thank you for purchasing an event ticket. Event tickets once purchased are non-refundable or transferable to other events.
If the event is rescheduled, your original tickets will be honored on the new date and time.
If the event is rescheduled and you cannot attend, you can resell your tickets on your own. We can also open your tickets up on the event page to help assist you. There are no refunds.
Legal Disclaimer: The Brewery, Karen Tatro, and Pauline Monteiro are providing an opportunity for exploration and entertainment purposes only. By attending this event you do so of your own free will. All experiences are subject to your interpretation. It is also understood by participating in the event we provide NO guarantees you will have a paranormal experience.

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