Field Break

Franco Belgian Saison


A true “taste of place” of our farm, with unique flavors of bubblegum and black pepper followed by a silky mouthfeel, light rye spice, and grassy malt finish.

ABV: 5%

Malt: Four Star Farms Malted Barley, Rye, and Wheat

Hops: Four Star Farms Mt. Rainier, Magnum, and Pepite

Yeast: Omega Yeast Labs Saisonstein

A true estate beer, Field Break is the ideal midday beverage. This beer is exceptionally unique in that every ingredient except for the yeast came from within 100 yards of the brewery, a statement that very few breweries, anywhere, can claim.

Our well is right next to the brewery, the hops come from the yards that are a stone’s throw away to the north and west, and the barley was grown right next to the hop yard. The yeast is from our friends at Omega Labs in Chicago and our goal is to evolve this beer to be 100% estate grown (yeast included).

Saison is a classic Belgian style beer that can swing to extremes (it can be strong or lower in alcohol, big and complex or simple and dry) and the interpretations are almost endless. The most highly regarded Belgian interpretations, and our personal favorites, feature bright characteristics from the yeast that balance beautifully with a complex hop and grain character, creating a beer that is imminently crushable while also being enormously complex. Field Break is designed to be just that, a moderate abv drinkable saison, a showcase for the complexity that comes with locally grown ingredients.

The Omega yeast strain is really the best of both worlds, a genetic hybrid of French Saison yeast and Belgian Saison yeast. This hybridization is largely for brewing logistics as all yeast strains behave a little differently from each other and Saison yeasts are no exception. Belgian Saison strains (usually derived from the famous DuPont Saison) tend to ferment down to around 50% of their target and slow down dramatically which can leave a brewer staring at a tank for weeks as the yeast slowly dries out (a luxury most breweries do not have). The French strain is far more efficient so hybridizing the two allows for the character of the Belgian strain with the speed of the French.

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