Food Options At The Brewery

Port No. 3 Food Truck

Our friends from Port No. 3 are the new owners of the big yellow food truck at the brewery!

Port No. 3 strives to be everything you expected and nothing you expected all at the same time.  A weekly rotating menu with exceptional standard food truck menu items to wild combinations that feel natural, yet exotic.  Guests welcome,  friends everyone.

Offering delicious, local and seasonal foods from scratch Thursday thru Sunday during brewery hours.

Follow their instagram for menus and updates! Want to drop them a line? Email Chef/Owner Nate Sanden at PortNo3truck@gmail.com.

Bring Your Own Picnic/Take Out

You're also welcome to bring in your own food anytime; whether you want to bring a picnic, take out from your favorite place or anything in between!

Our staff are also happy to offer suggestions on where to grab a bite locally!

Order your beer to pick-up

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