OK, Great!

American Rye IPA


Rye spice in tandem with big herbal citrus character. Firm finishing bitterness.

ABV: 6.5%

Malt: Stone Path Nor'East Pilsner Malt, Stone Path Foam Malt, Four Star Farms Malted Rye & Wheat

Hops: Four Star Farms Cascade & Magnum


Ok, Great! is an American Rye IPA celebrating two special hop varieties from Four Star Farms: Cascade & Magnum.

Brewed with large amounts of Four Star Farms Malted Wheat and Malted Rye as well as heavily dry hopped with Magnum and Cascade, this American IPA brings a big rye character with a noticeable herbal citrus character as well. This beer features a bold finishing bitterness as well as a bold rye aroma and flavor. This bold expression of Four Star ingredients is the perfect reimagining of the classic American Rye IPA style.

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