New England Style Double IPA


Fresh orange peel, herbal citrus rind, fruit juice. Soft mouth feel, light sweet malt.

ABV: 8%

Malt: American Pale 2-Row, Four Star Farms Malted Wheat, Flaked Oats

Hops: Four Star Farms Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, Chaos

Yeast: Omega British Ale

We have taken a very similar base to the Bine Cutter and turned our amps up to 11!

More mouthfeel, increased body and texture, bigger hop additions and bigger double dry hopping. Haze, silky mouthfeel, big hop aroma and flavor, everything you could want in a big citrus bomb of an IPA.

This is a huge beer. TO. BE. SURE. but it remains so very drinkable. Big round, pillowy, crushable. All the important components for someone looking for that dripping hop character.

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